SSH 2021.05.12

USA & JAPAN Global Online Program  ハワイラッドフォードハイスクールとオンラインでグローバルプログラムを実施しました

USA & JAPAN Global Online Program







USA & JAPAN Global Online Program May 2021

The year 2020 was the year that the whole world was changed from the spread of one small, little virus; Corona Virus Disease 2019 a.k.a. COVID-19. From warning to pandemic, this virus has and continues to shake the world in almost every aspect of our lives; economically, socially and health wise. The USA & JAPAN Global Online Program held in May 2021 was an opportunity for students in Hawaii and Saitama to share their experiences on how they were affected by this ongoing and everchanging pandemic through the lens of the SDGs and their own daily living conditions with each other. Although COVID-19 is an obvious negative force, the students were able to discuss both the positive and negative effects they’ve witnessed and experienced while having to adapt to lifestyle challenges and changes. This online session only scratched the surface of so many more deeper issues the students started to discuss. The hope is to expand this program to include students from other countries in the Pacific Rim to get a broader perspective on the condition of this situation.