SSH 2024.05.24

R6 SSH India Planning Visit・SSHインド訪問

R6 SSH India Planning Visit・SSHインド訪問

R6.05.6(M)to 9(Th) Bluebells School International, New Delhi

R6.05.6(月)〜9(木) ブルーベルズスクールインターナショナル、ニューデリー

SSH Teachers spent 3 days in New Delhi, India to check on potential areas of interest to visit and meet with teachers at Bluebells School International for future SSH overseas expeditions. Visits were made to the Noida Botanical Garden and New Delhi’s National Science Centre. Both places provide opportunities for activities and research. The visit to Bluebells School International was a good opportunity to hear about the school’s mission and curriculum as well as visit several classes and in-school events. It was also a time to strengthen ties between our two school as well as plan for future exchange programs. In June, Bluebells will be bringing 25 students to visit Japan. As part of their visit, they will be doing homestays with some of our students and staff as well as participating in activities at our school. Then in November, we will be sending a cohort of students to do homestays with them as one of our SSH overseas expeditions. Please stay tuned for these upcoming events.