SSH 2024.05.01

SSH ハワイ:グローバルオンラインプログラム2 ハワイ州ラドフォード高校、アメリカ合衆国ハワイ州:ハワイ/日本Q&A

R6 SSH ハワイ:グローバルオンラインプログラム2



R6 SSH Hawaii: Global Online Program 2

R6.04.27 (Sa) Radford High School, Hawaii, USA: Hawaii/Japan Q&A

Our SSH Hawaii Team had their 2nd Global Online Program with Radford High School (RHS) on Oahu Island in Hawaii on Saturday, April 27. This session was a time for our students to gather information about Hawaii from students their own age who live in Hawaii. We have a student who is interested in insects. She was able to ask about unique insects found in Hawaii that she hopes to see during her visit in July. The students from RHS also asked questions about Japan school and travel. Students from both schools had a great time interacting with each other. Our students could get some research done about Hawaii while also practicing their English.