SSH 2024.04.25

SSH ハワイ:グローバルオンラインプログラム1 ハワイ州ワイアケア高校:3Dプリンティング交流

R6 SSH ハワイ:グローバルオンラインプログラム1





R6 SSH Hawaii: Global Online Program 1

R6.04.23 (火) Waiakea High School, Hawaii, USA: 3D Printing Exchange

We had our first Global Online Program of this school year on Tuesday, April 23 from 7:20 to 8:20 in the Chemistry Lab with Waiakea High School (WHS) in Hawaii. Waiakea High School uses 3D printing in their classes, so they shared how they use 3D printing in their school lessons. Waiakea students shared some of the 3D printed white board organizers they made to solve the problem of organizing their classroom chalkboard rails along with other items they made to solve other problems in their school. This is the school the SSH Hawaii Team will be visiting in July during their overseas visit. Our students will also be learning how to use a 3D printer by designing a “koma” and “taketombo” as part of their pre-training which they will take to Hawaii as part of their exchange with WHS. (There were 34 students online, 25 WHS students and 9 OKHS students)