SSH 2024.04.25

SSH ハワイ:事前トレーニング校内3Dプリンティングワークショップ1:「こま」のデザイン

R6 SSH ハワイ:事前トレーニング



R6 SSH Hawaii: Pre-Training

R6.04.23 (火) In-school 3D Printing Workshop 1: Japanese Top “Koma” Design

Our SSH Hawaii Team started their in-school training for 3D design and printing after their online program with Waiakea High School. To get used to the 3D design software, the students’ first design project was to design a Japanese Top, “Koma”. After designing their original koma, the students also learned how to prepare and set up their creations for printing, which is a whole other process. They will continue to test out their design ideas before actual printing next month in May.