SSH 2023.12.22

R5 Sakura Science Program Day 6

R5 Sakura Science Program Day 6

R5.12.17 (Su) Sakura Science Program with Song Shan Senior High School, Taipei, Taiwan

Day 6 of the Sakura Science Program was spent at Asaka High School in Koriyama, Fukushima. Continuing with the theme of “Earthquakes, Tsumanis & Energy”, students from the three schools worked together to discuss and find solutions for Phase 3 of the Global Design Laboratory.

GLOBAL DESIGN LABORATORY: Phase 3 was building a sustainable city by the 5th year after the damage of the earthquake and tsunami. Students were encouraged to think about using current and future technologies in their solution ideas, but also keep in mind how to preserve the culture and traditions of the city. They were also challenged to think of alternative energy sources. It was a fantastic exchange of having a local high school and two observing high schools (one domestic and one international) discuss possible ideas and solutions following the Great Tohoku Earthquake on March 11, 2011. This visit ended with a special gift of snow. It was the first time to see snow for most of the students from Taiwan.