SSH 2023.12.21

R5 Sakura Science Program Day 2

R5 Sakura Science Program Day 2

R5.12.13 (T) Sakura Science Program with Song Shan Senior High School, Taipei, Taiwan

Day 2 of the Sakura Science Program was spent at Omiya Kita High School. The overall theme for this program was “Earthquakes, Tsumanis & Energy”. Song Shan Senior High School students had their first experience riding on Japan’s railway system on their commute to school.

GLOBAL DESIGN LABORATORY: Students were given the task of coming up with solutions for a city destroyed by an earthquake and tsunami. Phase 1 was looking at immediate needs for survival. In Phase 2 students had to come up with a plan to have the city functional and operational within a year. Students then presented their solutions by groups. (Phase 3 was done on Day 6).

STABLE STRUCTURE: The Stable Structure is a STEM project having students make a temporary paper structure that they could imagine using in the rebuilding process of cities damaged or destroyed by earthquakes and tsunamis. The structures were then put the test by placing weights onto the structure to see how strong they were.