SSH 2023.12.21


R5 2nd Term Global Online Programs

R5.11.17 (F) Pacific Rim Online Program 2023 “The Age of Man and Machines”, 9 schools

Pacific Rim Online Program 2023 (PROP23): 114 students from 9 schools

This is Omiya Kita High School’s original global online program that focuses on gathering high school students around the Pacific Rim to hold problem-solving discussions on topics that are relevant to their generation. This year’s theme was “The Age of Man and Machines”. 114 students from 9 schools in 4 countries got into breakout rooms to think about various kinds of solutions, including technological solutions, to social issues introduced by each school. Some of the topics included, Fake News, the Lahaina Wildfires in Hawaii and Unrestricted Internet Use or Children. This is the 3rd year of this online program.