SSH 2023.06.27

グローバルオンラインプログラム with Wada Taicho、ハワイ、アメリカ

R5 Global Online Program 2

R5.5.15 (M) Global Online Program with Wada Taicho, Hawaii, USA


On Monday, May 15 we had a Global Online Program with Wada Taicho, the president and owner of Aina Nui Adventures on Hawaii island, in the BEST-CLaSS with the students of class 2-1 and the our R5 SSH Hawaii cohort. Wada Taicho was our guide for our R4 SSH Hawaii cohort at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, where he gave our students an amazing tour and experience of Kilauea Crater and the various lava flows in the park, this past December. During that tour, Wada Taicho gave an easy-to-understand explanation of the formations of mountains and volcanoes related to the tectonic plates. So we asked him to do a similar presentation for our SSH BEST-CLaSS and the next SSH Hawaii cohort. In short, he talked about how mountains, like Mt. Everest in Nepal, are formed vs. how volcanoes, like Mt. Fuji in Japan and, Mauna Loa and Kilauea in Hawaii are formed according to the movements of the tectonic plates. In regards to volcano formations, he talked about the “ring of fire” (Mt. Fuji) and “hot spots” (Mauna Loa and Kilauea). In June we will be going online with a high school in the Everest Region of Nepal to talk about life on Mt. Everest. And then in August our R5 SSH Hawaii cohort will be able to experience many of the things that Wada Taicho spoke about as he guides them through Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.



R5.5.15 (月) グローバルオンラインプログラム with Wada Taicho、ハワイ、アメリカ



6月にネパールのエベレスト地域の高校とオンラインでエベレストでの生活について話す予定です。そして、 8 月にR5-SSHハワイ研修の生徒は、今回和田タイチョー氏が話した多くのことを体験することとなります。