SSH 2023.06.20


R5 Global Online Program 1

R5.4.28 (F) Global Online Program with Radford High School, Hawaii, USA

On Friday, April 28, at 9:30am we had our 3rd Global Online Program with Radford High School in Hawaii, USA. We have been talking about the COVID-19 situation at our schools and in our communities for the past three years. At this time, Japan was just about to drop restrictions on facemasks in public, but Hawaii had returned to pre-pandemic life for several months already, so students from both schools were surprised at the differences between in the way each country was handling this situation. One of our exchange students from Taiwan also participated an shared information about what was happening in her country.

Also, in August we are planning to visit Radford High School to do some activities with the students there, so this was a good time for students from each school to exchange questions and answers about things that are trending in each other’s countries and with people in their age group.

Radford had 15 students and Omiya Kita had 11 students join this online meet. This was at 14:30, afterschool on Thursday, April 27 for the students in Hawaii.


日本時間4/28(金) 9:30(ハワイ時間4/27木 14:30)から米国ハワイのラドフォード高校と第3回グローバルオンラインプログラムを開催しました。ラドフォード校から15名、大宮北高校から11名の生徒が参加しました。

この 3 年間での新型コロナウイルス感染症の状況について話し合ってきました。日本は公共の場でのマスク着用が個人の判断となって間もない時でしたが、ハワイではすでに数カ月前からパンデミック前の生活に戻っていたため、両校の生徒たちは各国の対応の違いに驚いていました。台湾からの交換留学生の一人も参加し、彼女の国で何が起こっているかについても情報を共有しました。