SSH 2022.06.14

台北市立松山高級中学校とOnline Culinary Exchange Programを実施しました

台北市立松山高級中学校とOnline Culinary Exchange Programを実施しました。


In March 2022 we had a three day online culinary exchange program with Song Shan Senior High School in Taiwan. The program was based on the SDGs with a focus on the reduction of food loss.  Our first meeting on the March 2nd, was a time for students to get to know each other and also break into cooking teams. The second meeting on March 9th, students shared the dishes they were going to have the other schools make with cultural background and a run through each of the recipes. And our final meeting was our live cooking event with students taking on the challenge of cooking dishes from each other’s countries while coaching each other online. The program ended with the students presenting their completed dishes with feedback and reactions. OKHS introduced “omurice”, “oyako-don” and “dorayaki” to SSSHS. And Taiwan introduced “egg-rolls”, “Taiwanese fried noodles”, “shrimp fried rice” and a papaya drink.



このプログラムは、SDGsをテーマとして、特に食品ロス削減に焦点を当てて実施しました。 プログラムでは、文化的背景を踏まえてお互いの国のレシピを共有していきました。(本校生徒は松山高校に「オムライス」「親子丼」「どら焼き」を紹介しました。そして松山高校からは、「エッグロール」「台湾焼きそば」「エビチャーハン」「パパイヤドリンク」を紹介してくれました)